Catching my Breath

Posted: March 29, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fat, fitness, Food, health, illness, life, Me, misc, my life, News, personal, sickness, weight, Weight loss

Now that the puking has finally subsided it is time to start getting my head together while my body finished healing.  Yesterday was terrible, I puked until I had nothing left inside me, and then I puked some more.  I puked so much that I went from weighing 191lbs (thanks to my recent dietary indiscretions) to 186.2lbs this morning. 

So this brings up an interesting question- one I hope everyone will contribute a comment on.  What is the best way to recover from illness and get back into your fitness lifestyle.  How long should you wait after you feel better?  How slowly should you build back up?   

What do you think?

  1. Well, I am a bit of a maniac and have never been all that great with balance here. I am learning to listen to my body better these days. I would start by just going for a walk and maybe some light weights and see how you do. If you break out in a sweat that doesn’t feel “healthy”, stop.

    And if you can, get some extra rest this afternoon.

    I’m glad you are better. I began reading your thesis and was impressed. (Of course, one of the five kids barged in and I have not been able to finish it.) You might like the book “Toussaint Louverture” by Madison Smartt Bell. I am not finished with it but am enjoying it.


  2. Clark says:

    Hi Johnny! Sorry you were sick, but if you are sick, your body will tell you what you can and can’t do…listen to it! Then answer the dang phone man! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. John says:

    i think i had what you just had. the first 24 hours are the worst part. the next 24 hours your body recovers energy and strength. the third day you begin really moving around. the fourth day you should be good to go.

    normally i don’t take it that quickly, but for the bug i think you have i’d follow that line of thinking.

    and i feel for you. that stuff’s bad news.

  4. Justin V says:

    I wait a 1 day or so. Ease into your fitness lifestyle with some light cardio and abs work. DOn’t go in lifting heavy and running 5-10K.. Listen to your’s smart, too smart

  5. “it’s smart, too smart.”

    Think it might be planning to take over? hmmm. Diabolical body.

  6. Neil says:

    I’d go slowly. Take a day off, then phase in with the goal of being back to regular workouts in a week. No need getting a relapse.

  7. sherpa says:

    well, it depends. I’ve had a chronic ilness (asthma) all my life so, what I do when I’ve been hit with a respiratory infection or cold is different than what a healthy individual who has had a bit of food poisoning. However, I’ve also had a weak stomach all my life too and I’ve played sports since I was a kid.

    When I get hit like you did, and it hasn’t affected my lungs–its really not that big of a deal. If I’m really weak the first couple of days–i keep the workout to a minimum.

    You should know the difference between being absolutely phyisically exhausted and just being tired. I’d take it easy the first couple of days. Do a little cardio so you’re not completely losing the fitness level you were at before the illness. But pay attention to your body. Pay attention to how you feel. Don’t go for any goals of working out for an extended period of time the first couple of days back. You don’t want a relapse. Just concentrate on breaking a sweat–getting the heart rate up a little and seeing how your body reacts. By next weekend you should be good to go.

  8. breederx says:

    Oh ugh,I hate being sick! Really hope you are feeling better. . .but congrats on the unexpected weight loss, lol! That’s the only good part about it all. . . God bless and have a good weekend.

  9. breederx says:

    Oh, and start back into your routine when you feel like you can. . .and keep up the OJ 🙂

  10. isaacme says:

    I hope you start feeling better man

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