Day Forty-Seven: New Beginnings…

Posted: March 26, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fat, fitness, Food, forgiveness, General Study, guilt, health, life, Me, misc, my life, News, personal, Religion, shame, Spiritual Struggle, weight, Weight loss

“An inheritance quickly gained at the beginning
       will not be blessed at the end.” Proverbs 20:21.

Sometimes you need to sit down, look back, and evaluate what you’ve done.  In such times you need to be honest.  For without an honest review of our actions we repeat the same mistakes over and over out of prideful (and willful) ignorance. 

After this weekend I have returned to about 189lbs (off my low of 187lbs).  The tape says my waist is still approximately 38 1/2 inches.  All this is despite my indulgence this past weekend in rainbow bars, super fatty steak and ribs, left-over Thin Mints, and my daughter’s gold fish crackers (oh childhood memories).   

However, I also worked in the yard hauling heavy rocks (10-25lbs each) and buckets full of gravel (about 40-50lbs).  So it would seem this helped in keeping me below 190.  I can not state emphatically enough how much I don’t ever want to cross over 190 again. 

190 is the line in the sand I can not turn back to, I will never cross again.  It is a indicator that I am still about 30lbs overweight- and have an unhealthy amount of fat hanging from my waist. 

For that reason I am redoubling my efforts.  I am intensifying my workouts, increasing my yardwork, pushing my cardio sessions harder, and eating even better (not counting the last few Thin Mints I had this morning).

Well better start working out.  See you all later.   

  1. Congratulations on recommitting yourself to your fitness and weight loss goals!


    PS — If it will help you, feel free to do my yard work as well. 🙂

  2. But sometimes you have to give yourself a day off and indulge a little bit. But I am so impressed with your focus and determination.

    Keep it up TT

    Love and Blessings

  3. krislinatin says:

    (not counting the last few Thin Mints I had this morning).
    im laughing at you, BUT only becasue I’m slamming down mega peanut M&Ms with my coffee this morning before I go lift weights.
    ok, Im laughing with you.
    Seriously, 1 day at a time, it took me 6 weeks to see great results.
    your weight wont fluctuate so much once you get more muscle tone (thats the key) and the days that you shovel m and ms or thin mints down your gullet, it doesnt effect it much, the muscle you have keeps burning more calories.

  4. Angel says:

    oh heck yea..come do my yard work too !..Heh

  5. Don’t forget that muscle will add weight. If you’ve been working out, there’s a point at which you’ll start losing fat and gaining weight. If you can, get one of those devices that measures your percentage of body fat, which is probably one of the best indicators of health.

    Then again, it’s probably the rainbow bars. 😉

    Keep up the good work! Your daughter and wife will be thrilled to have a healthy, happy JK around for a long time. 🙂

  6. I hope so. I know my daughter will be happy. As for my wife, I don’t know how many more years she can endure my dirty clothes scattered about, my dishes in the sink, and my world renowned flatulence extraordinaire. And those are my good traits!

  7. sherpa says:

    Your determination rocks. Keep on going!!

  8. Well, then, keep healthy, exercise, do the dishes, and stop doing strip teases for your wife. 😉

  9. “and stop doing strip teases for your wife.”
    Wonderful, just wonderful 😆

  10. Stop doing them? I am confused. What will become of my extensive thong collection?

  11. code says:

    congrats on all your weight loss. i know it’s hard. I started intensifying my workouts as well and try burning 750 cal. Today I started wearing layers especially during cardio. Mebbe it helps, mebbe it’s all mental. I don’t know. 😮

  12. I can really see your commitment and determination in this post. I think it’s great that you put it in words, and now have the intention out there.

    Keep it up!

    – Jane, Pinks & Blues Girls

  13. dadinaught6 says:

    keep it up
    just think, you could be losing less weight because you are adding muscle from the yard work.

  14. Stop doing them? I am confused. What will become of my extensive thong collection?

    Well, it won’t be all over the floor, and your wife won’t be mad at you.

  15. Good work… glad to hear that you are not merely concerned with a “fast-acting” scheme, but are trying to preserve your body as the Lord’s temple.

  16. By “it,” I mean “[your] extensive thong collection.”

  17. By “extensive” I mean none…lol.

    Thanks to everyone for all your comments. This is my first day without a post as I spent the day working. Feels odd actually working and making money…lol.

  18. ngriffin says:

    Keep it up! Maybe you should keep up the strip teases too – just pick your clothes up afterwards……….?

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