Know Thy Enemy

Posted: March 25, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fat, fitness, Food, guilt, health, life, Me, misc, my life, personal, Pictures, Religion, weight, Weight loss

My Enemy

Allow me to introduce my enemy- my supreme weakness.  Persephone had her pomegranate, and for me it is these little culinary wonders.  Ever since I was 12 years old and my friend and I purchased two pounds of these delicious treats (we ate a pound each in 20 minutes) these wondrous delicacies have had a strangle hold on my taste buds and my sweet tooth.

Lucky for me they are nearly impossible to find. They are called, Rainbow Bars. They were the most popular treat at our wedding. And when my mother visited today she brought 2 lbs of these oh so edible temptations for my freezer. Foul wicked temptress!

I only ate 6 today. When I say only ate 6 you must understand, I could have eaten everyone last one in one sitting- I wanted to. Now the real test, they sit in a Ziplock bag in the freezer. I shall not eat anymore than two on anyone day- and then only once (maybe twice) a week. And when my in-laws visit next week I am going to make them take whatever remains as I can’t bear this test.

Lord, please give me strength. 🙂

*The Rainbow Bar is a delicacy that involves three layers of almond cake goodness with raspberry filling between each layer.  It is also covered in chocolate and chocolate sprinkles.

  1. So where can I find them?

  2. The recipe can be found here. I seem to remember you claimed to be a good cook. These are somewhat difficult to make, so they will test your abilities.

    Rainbow Cookies

    As for buying them, check your local bakery. Print off the picture and show it around if necessary. They are well worth it.

  3. “Foul wicked temptress” – You crack me up! 🙂

  4. cumby says:

    How many calories in one?

  5. madhavighare says:

    Hmmmm does look tempting – how can anyone ever resist!

    I wish you all the best of luck! Hope you do find the strength!

  6. isaacme says:

    That does look good. Darn relatives. Isn’t it so frustrating when the people you love accidentally tempt you to do something you know you shouldn’t?

  7. John Kaiser says:

    Isn’t it often the people closest to us who present some of our most difficult temptations? And they are the ones who should know better.

    But luckily I didn’t do too much damage during her visit. Yeah I am back up at 189 (I had been at 187)- but I think I can get to 185 by the end of next week.

  8. John Kaiser says:

    BTW for all those interested here is another rainbow bar site:

    Recipe and History

  9. Daniel says:

    Hey, enjoy those lovely tantalizing treats. You taste buds will thank you. Your cholesterol will recede after jogging around town for a couple of days. Well, on second thought…

  10. Angel says:

    hiya John!…ack dont u hate when loved ones tempt ya?..they sell rainbow cookies in my bakery too…good luck on the will power…dont give in and stay tall in the saddle my friend!..heh 🙂

  11. krislinatin says:

    I feel ya, mine is the annual birthday ice cream cake.
    whenever the boys try to get me to eat soemthing unhealthy, i yell ‘satan’ at them.
    They just laugh and laugh.

  12. I have never heard of these! I feel the same way about chocolate covered Nutter Butter cookies. This is certainly a test of will power (or Spirit power…) The only way I can resist something like this is to get it out of the house. Doesn’t bother me if it is frozen, just takes longer to eat.


  13. atatude says:

    A temptation like that can trigger a binge when I eat it as a snack, so maybe only having one at the end of a meal would be good.

  14. breederx says:

    Hmmm, okay now you’ve got me craving! :0))

  15. OH NO — you know there are homeless shelters to donate too — you don’t have to eat them !!!!! But I’ll give you points for only having 6 and freezing the rest. I’ll be sure to include you in my daily prayers that your strength to resist holds up! Rev. Salveo, remember laughter keeps the fat away!

  16. I seem to remember you claimed to be a good cook. These are somewhat difficult to make, so they will test your abilities.

    I have so claimed. You can also ask QueenofSwords, who has had the opportunity (on several occasions) to have my food. 😉

    I’ll dig up the chocolate souffle recipe. I swear, it’s actually not bad for you, mainly because it’s so rich that you can only eat about 1/2 of one before your hands start to shake and your vision gets blurry. 😉

  17. Oh, I didn’t know that you two knew each other in the real world. Go to law school together?

  18. Well, we went to law school together, right up until I decided that 3L year is overrated and a sabbatical was in order. 🙂

    The first time Miss Lewd & Lascivious met me, she mocked me for being a vegetarian and called me a freak. It was the beginning of a great friendship.

  19. I would have teased you as well.

    Why the 3rd year break? My third year was like law school in cruise control. I really enjoyed it, especially since I got to work for an awesome bankruptcy judge.

  20. code says:

    wow that looks delicious

  21. Oh, it’s a long story. Email if you would like.

  22. Ummm…you have an email address?

  23. Well, I’m under the age of 80 and not living a mud hut, so the answer would be yes. 😉

    If you are not as adept as Neil at finding them, I’m firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com. My last name is the same as the first name of Ms. Dunaway, just with the first three letters (no e).

    How was that for cryptic and hopefully anti-spam?

  24. I ate a rainbow bar yesterday. My friend thought I was crazy… we were in a little Italian shop, buying marinara sauce, and I saw rainbow bars behind the counter. Of course, if a girl is going to bake them, she has to know if she’s made them correctly, right? So, in the name of research, I bought one; my friend, in the name of sampling it, ate it all; in the name of repaying me, she bought a bunch of them.


  25. I see you enjoyed them. Please don’t blame me for any unwanted results- including weight gain.

  26. Well, we all know that, as a single woman, I’m predisposed to weight gain and an unhealthy lifestyle. Sigh.

  27. […] of our blogging friends (totaltransformation) had to deal with this “foul temptess” last week – we kept him in our prayers and hope he was […]

  28. […] of our blogging friends (totaltransformation) had to deal with this “foul temptess” last week – we kept him in our prayers and hope he was […]

  29. Erica says:

    Those sound ridiculously incredible

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