Same Old Before, New After Pictures (Plus Goal Shattering Weight Loss)

Posted: March 15, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fat, fitness, Food, health, life, Me, misc, my life, personal, Pictures, weight, Weight loss

I was discouraged when I woke up yesterday weighing 190.2- that was still a good improvement on a four day sticking point of 191-192. So close to my goal. Well, this morning, I woke up, and weighed myself in without any big expectations. After all I had eaten 4 Keebler cookies (70 calories a piece) and about a handful of my daughters whole wheat crackers the night before. So without further adieu, my weight this morning…..

188.8lbs. This shatters my goal of 190lbs by 1.2lbs.

So as promised, here are the new pictures. My apologies in advance, as I couldn’t find the same shorts I wore during my initial shots. For the first time viewers, the old me (February 8th) is in grey shorts, the new me (March 15th) is in blue jeans.

Torso shots…

me Feb. 8 Me March 15

Back shots….

Feb 8 back March 15

Side shots….

feb 8 March 15

  1. Two Witches says:

    ***congrats*** keep up the good work! 🙂 One of these days I’m going to find that old picture of me that I took a long time ago to have a “before” pic and then take a new one — but then I’ll have to figure out how to load it on the blog. Of course I don’t think I’ll go topless (at least not yet). LOL Lady Rose

  2. waistloss says:

    Great job! I can definitely see the difference! I’m proud of you!

  3. timbob says:

    Greetings. Diligence in all things and results to prove it. I was thinking on something that you stated either here or in a comment. The phrase “this total transformation” caught my attention as we ae indeed an entirely “new creation in Christ. He will finish the good work that he has started in us.
    Have a great day in Christ.


  4. Yes Tim, the name is meant to express a total transformation of mind, body, and soul. Although I was baptized and saved when I was 19 years old, I did not do much with it.

    This process was about claiming God’s promises, standing on His word, and transforming mind, body, and soul. That meant MUCH more time in the Word, self-discipline concerning study and eating. And so on.

  5. Angel says:

    Keep it up..I think I can I think I can ..I know I can!..:) thanks for the comments at my site too!

  6. lsabin says:

    Congratulations. It feels good to take good care of yourself. Nice job!

  7. Fang says:

    Good going. Very impressive! 🙂

  8. Wow! The side shot really says it all! Congragulations!


  9. MJ from PA says:

    Looking real good there, John. The side view is the most t the most impressive. Congrats.

  10. Sexy! 🙂 Definite improvement. Congratulations & keep it up (or down, depending on whether we’re discussing motivation or weight).

  11. Justin V says:

    Great Job, YAY.. Keep up the good work. Hard work really pays off. Enjoy the moment..

  12. Neil says:

    Lots of progress – congratulations! Looks like you are doing it very steadily, which is good.

  13. damewigginsoflee says:


    ‘atta boy!

  14. breederx says:

    Wow! What a huge improvement! Keep up the excellent work! :0)))

  15. Annie says:

    Yeah . . . but I also have a xanga, and I obsessively read Catholic and Anglican blogs, so even when I’m not writing my own stuff, I’m still in the blogging community. 😉

    And WOW, congratulations on the change!!! Keep it up! 🙂

  16. Way to go! It’s amazing what kind of results you van get in just 5 weeks, isn’t it?

  17. faithwalk says:

    Way to go JK ( or John as I finally figured out)! Keep up the good work!

  18. 1ofHis says:

    Good job! You can see a remarkable difference especially in the side views. Another example of results from being diligent. Thanks.

  19. cumby says:

    The side shot shows a noticeable change. Keep up the good work.

  20. Wow!!! Good job.
    What diet are you on?

  21. ngriffin says:

    I like the side shot too!

  22. John Kaiser says:

    Reason: I started out on Body for Life (BFL), but it soon morphed slightly.

    I am now just eating sensibly (controlling portion sizes and eating healthy), and lifting weights (3 times a week). I had all intentions of doing cardio, but now I pretty much just walk.

    And that has got me from 206 to 188 in about 4 1/2 weeks. I will be using cardion now as each pound becomes increasingly more difficult to lose.

  23. pat says:

    Good on ya, mate! Keep it up –

  24. Thanks. You should see the newest pics.

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