Lord of all the universe, Creator and Redeemer, beginning and end.

God of my fathers who walked with Adam in the garden, and covenanted with Abraham- crediting his faith to him as righteousness.

Thank you for all you’ve done in my life, and the life of my family.  Thank you for generously providing for our needs in all respects.  Our daughter is healthy, our home is standings, our cars run well,  we have time to spend together each week, and time to eat together each night.  You have provided all we asked, and you have provided it in abundance.

Lord please prepare me for your work today (and everyday).  Prepare me to contend for your word and your people.  Give me patience with the spiritually blind, give me a forgiving spirit for those who harm me, above all give me a chance to be Christlike in my life.  Whatever role you have for me to play in the life of someone in Christ (or coming to Christ) I await your will in life.

I pray your will be done in this world as it is in heaven, and your will in my life (whatever it means).

I bring to your feet the needs of our family and our church.  You know what burdens our hearts and homes.  I pray that you lift these burdens- if it be your will- and provide for us as we need (not as we desire).

Lord, we shall always praise you as long as we live.  In wealth or poverty we will call You holy and righteous-glorious King of all creation.

  1. ***Lord of all the universe, Creator and Redeemer, beginning and end***

    You walk along a beach and find a watch and surmise that there must be a watchmaker, then you walk along a beach and find a God and declare it made itself.

    Strange kind of thinking.

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  3. Are you trying to lure me into a debate on this matter? I noticed that somehow your comment to my blog has become a post on your blog. If I am to give an answer I would like to know the context.

  4. Sherri Gragg says:

    As I read your prayer today I was reminded of the Biblical mandate to conduct ourselves in a manner that encourages our brothers and sisters to live Godly lives and draw nearer to our Savior. Your post today did that for me and I am thankful. I hope you have a truly blessed weekend.

  5. Scotti says:


    God Bless you today and always.

  6. Jayleigh says:

    Amen! Thank you so much for sharing your prayer. I prayed right along with you, as this speaks to what I am dealing with right this minute. God is so awesome.

  7. dadinaught6 says:

    So you know, I prayed that along with you this morning. It’s nice to share that. Thanks.

  8. TT, Thanks so much for sharing with us!
    And that we may live as He has called us


  9. timbob says:

    Greetings. Amen to this prayer as we strive to be Christ like in all that we say and do.
    Have a great weekend in Christ.


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