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Posted: March 2, 2007 in personal, poetry

As I am rather happy that I woke up weighing a little over 195 lbs- down over 11 pounds since I began this weight loss journey some 3 weeks ago- I decided to post some of my poetry on this blog. It is nothing special, I have never tried to get it published (posting it at poetry.com doesn’t count). I hope you enjoy.

The best things in life can’t be seen

The best things in life can’t be seen.
beyond the pale of sight and dreams,
lies emotion of the deepest kind.
A deluge of sensation from touch to mind

The best things in life can’t be seen,
they course through the blood.
when all images fade far from the mind,
and burn their strong scents into the soul.


The best things in life are composed of essence
an essence of touch and smell and taste.
Dying to be lived, life awaits agog
our action to be played out upon the stage.
Act, move, awake, she calls us all,
strike quickly before the curtain falls.

Copyright ©2007 John James Kaiser

[This was written as I reflected on Shakespeare’s “life is a stage” quote.]



Crashes, resounding still in my ears,
the breakers thrash the shore.
Sand eroded with each new tide,
only to be roughly restored.


Washing up upon this strand,
the breakers gifts- small in measure.
Erasing our footprints from the sand
but leaving us most precious treasures


A shell to capture this one day,
another to hold the sounds of the sea,
one more to leave upon the mantle piece.
Unlike these pages no yellowing or decay.


As we grow old well have our shells,
perhaps one thousand more or so.
In each one we may capture,
a fleeting moment of the past retold.

Copyright ©2007 John James Kaiser

[This was written in reflection on summer romances long past. Before I threw them away I had many mementos of summer camp relationships and high school sweethearts.]



Moving with the gentle motion
a lightly illuminated supple form
of grace and delicious, devilish indulgence
beyond the realms of sin and scorn.


Sweetly, softly, deftly, but ah,
there’s corruption enough for us all
in each subtle glance from her ravenous eyes
more surely then Adam, we’ll fall.


break away, her body forbids me
entangled by mind and soul and shame
I’ve little hope left me
but in this corruption I remain.

Copyright ©2007 John James Kaiser

[This was written during a hard time as a I struggled with a rather hard sin to break away from- however that since was not adultery. I simply used a woman (and the female form) as a metaphor for the sin I was grappling with. I was trying to understand the part of me that didn’t want to let go, and this is the result.]


Hidden Prize of the long journey

Beneath the rumblings and beyond our sight
Quakes and stirs immortal turmoil, invisible,
Ephemeral it screams to us,
just around the quoin of each home
Lays the truth, hidden always in plain view,
and off to the right.


She has left her love beside it,
even more my reason,
To sojourn in this land of beasts-
both heathens and believers.
Natural kismet is my guide,
forever on this epithelial layer,
I have miles left to journey,
and whole worlds to transcend.


There is no end to my weary wandering,
Unless it be my own- which I fear the least.
Or it means the goal that I eternal seek,
Is no more than the days of my life,
with growing celerity self extinguishing.

Copyright ©2007 John James Kaiser

[I can’t really explain this. All I can say is that I wrote this after reading a collection of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings.]

I hope you enjoyed the poetry. All comments and criticisms will be gladly accepted.

  1. Fang says:

    I really enjoyed those. My favourite was Corruption. :mrgreen:

  2. timbob says:

    Good morning. Insightful reflections. A great way to remember past theaters, lessons learned, and the growth that has since taken place. Thanks for posting these.
    Have a great weekend in Christ:

  3. krkbaker says:

    I enjoyed this, it’s very good.

  4. Steve says:

    Thank you for posting your work.

    God Bless you.



  5. What a great post. Love those poems! Keep em coming! 🙂
    In Christ Andrea

  6. Jeff A says:

    Wow, those are awesome. I do love poetry,can’t write it to save my life. But I enjoy reading it.

    God bless,
    Jeff A

  7. Fang says:

    One day he had a revelation
    it was called a transformation

    From fat to thin
    to absolve all sins

    A new body will be his creation. 😈

  8. Nice little diddy their fang. Based on the rhyme patten I worried where that was going…lol.

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