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Day Sixteen- Can it Get Worse?

Posted: February 23, 2007 in fitness, Weight loss

I woke up this morning with a throat so raw that every breath grated against my trachea. Then again, I guess I can’t call it waking up, since I spent most of the night coughing up various green substances. This is getting gross, I know. Well anyway, this is a good sign. Assuming it means I am currently enduring the worst part of this illness- and hopefully tomorrow will start my road to recovery.

On the other hand, some good news. I weighed myself this morning with VERY low expectations.  The scale read 195.6lbs. An excellent weigh-in considering how many workouts I have missed.

Okay, this article has several important points, and one (or all) of them may shock you.

First, and not surprising, sex and exercise are linked. Men who exercise 20-30 minutes a day are less likely to suffer sexual dysfunction.

Second, sex burns calories, more than you think.

“[H]aving sex three times a week burns the same calories as running about 30 miles per week.” (1).

Wow! I hate running, but as for sex, I have a VERY different opinion.

Third, and perhaps the most shocking to some, the context of your sexual act matters. If you engage in sex as part of a monogamous relationship or a casual fling, each has it’s own effect:

“Experts believe that sex in a loving relationship has a healing effect on body and mind, but that promiscuous sex has the opposite effect (sorry to burst your bubble).” (2)

For those interested in checking out the story, check out While you are there why not use their free system to set up a weight loss profile. The service is free (up to a point) and they will give you a good start with information about your caloric intake, diet tips, etc.

I have heard it said often “don’t pray for patience- you might get what you ask for.” So for a long time I always left that request out of my prayers. Night after night I implored God for wisdom, good health, a happy family, etc. but not patience. I didn’t want to be tried, I didn’t want to wait. I grew up in the American culture of immediate gratification. Why should I (we) wait on anything?