Day Fourteen- I Can’t Believe it!

Posted: February 21, 2007 in Biblical Weight Loss, fitness, Weight loss

Well I can’t believe it, it’s been two weeks.  Two weeks of healthy living, exercise, and all around transforming my life.  The results thus far?

Well you will have to wait a day or two for the picture comparison, but stats wise it looks great.

Weight then 206.3 lbs, now 197.6 lbs.

Waist then 41 1/2 inches, now 40 inches.

Blood Pressure then 129/76, now 110/72.

Resting Heart Rate then 79, now 67.

Body-fat Percentage then 27.8%, now 26.6%.

BMI then 29.7, now 29.2.

I love those numbers.  I am hoping to hit 196 by Friday, and if things continue as they are, I have no doubt I will.

  1. enit says:

    Wow! that is truly amazing.. Good luck on your journey..
    Im trying to lose weight too.. I really need to!!

    hope both of us reach our goals!


  2. Definitely, I returned the good wishes.

    If you ever need help or inspiration don’t hesitate to email me or check in.

    J. Kaiser

  3. mortos says:

    Well I may have found an inspiration to begin my own transformation. I came to your blog because you so kindly commented at mine. I haven’t read your entire series on your weight loss but I’m a gonna. I am in the same boat as you ‘before’ photos.

    Congratulations on your success and I hope that I can pick up something to help me do the same.


  4. the Brit says:

    Hi Kaiser

    Keep it up. Well done.

    the Brit

  5. […] a week not only had my weight declined, but my resting heart rate and my blood pressure improved.  In two weeks the drop in my resting heart rate and my blood pressure was significant.   After a month I weighed was almost sixteen pounds less, and my waist was almost two inches […]

  6. […] Day Fourteen- I Can’t Believe it! […]

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