Day Twelve- Unbelievable

Posted: February 19, 2007 in Bible Study, fitness, Spiritual Struggle, Weight loss

Well, I am about to discuss something I can’t fully explain.  Yesterday was my “free day”- meaning I allowed myself some dietary liberties (and no working out).  Those liberties included a chocolate glazed donut (from Dunkin Donuts) and a Bourbon Chicken sandwich from Zaxby’s (this sandwich was dietarily speaking scary, with two HEAVILY buttered pieces of thick white bread) with a large side of fries.  I was scared to even contemplate how many calories I was consuming in one sitting.

However, this morning I weighed-in and took a waist measurement.  The results.

198.4 lbs/40 inch waist

That is equal to a drop of 1.4lbs in one day AND a drop in waist size of 3/4 inches in the last week.  I am amazed, so amazed that I retook the measurements three times.

Praise the Lord!  I am even closer to my goals for Feb. 22 of 195lbs and a waist size of 39 1/2 inches.   So thus far, in twelve days, I have lost 8lbs and 1 1/2 inches.

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