Day Ten- Transforming from the Inside Out

Posted: February 17, 2007 in fitness, Weight loss

It is amazing how quickly some things can change. For example just last week my blood pressure was 129/76 and my resting heart rate was 79. After conducting three tests (at three different times to ensure accuracy) my new B/P is 117/74 with a resting HR of 71. Meaning my heart is already working more efficiently and growing healthier by the day.

I am not sure if I shared this previously, but I am taking pictures EVERY night to document this process. In the end- after the 30, 60, and the 90 marks- I will create some movie maker files showing the pictures in progression. It will be like watching the fat melt away- and if I watch it backward I could see myself get fat again, but who wants to do that.


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