Day Seven- Results Thus Far

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Bible Study, Biblical Weight Loss, fitness, Weight loss

Well the first week is complete!  For a brief reminded here is where I started:

Weight= 206.2lbs/Waist= 41.5 inches/Waist:Height Ratio= .60/BMI= 30.4/          Body-fat= 28.9%/Blood Pressure= 129/76/ Resting Heart Rate= 79

Where I am now:

Weight= 200.6lbs/Waist=40.75 inches/Waist:Height Ration= .59/BMI= 29.7/      Body-fat= 27.8%/Blood Pressure= TBA later/Resting Heart Rate= TBA later

I don’t expect these numbers each week, but they are an excellent start.  I look forward to posting next weeks numbers along with some photos (that will hopefully SHOW visual evidence of that weight loss).

My goal for next week is 3-4 pounds of weight loss (Goal Weight= 197).  That would mean a loss of ten pounds since the first day of my weight loss program.


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