Day Seven-Big Changes Coming

Posted: February 14, 2007 in Bible Study, Biblical Weight Loss, fitness, Funny, General Study, Weight loss

I made a conscious choice a week ago when I started this blog to include only weight loss and fitness posts.  However, I have come to realize that I would much rather share a full picture of this total transformation.

For that reason my posts from this point on will include the spiritual and mental aspects of this transformation process.

So without further adieu let us get on to today’s plan.

The meal plan includes oatmeal, boiled eggs, peanut butter rice cakes, yogurt/banana smoothie, tuna, salmon, protein bar, and a salad topped in grilled chicken to end the day.

The fitness end of today is an upper body workout.  Definitely my favorite, since nothing feels better than a good bicep/tricep pump.

  1. mudpuppy says:

    Hey, thanks for dropping by by blog today. To answer your question, I use a blockquote tag. Different templates will display quotes differently, but you can see how to do it here.

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