Weight loss tracking chart

Posted: February 13, 2007 in weight, Weight Fat Loss, weight gain loss, Weight loss, weight loss tools

Get your own graph at skinnyr

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  1. Good luck, anonymous guy!

    I came across this blog while looking through the skinnyr referring URLs.
    Good luck, anonymous guy! I hope skinnyr makes it easier for you to keep your weight in check.

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  2. Ha Tikvah says:

    Having just watched a program about a 30-stone guy who was somewhere in the region of 7-1/2 feet in diameter, and yet survived gastric bypass surgery only to still have a huge struggle to keep his weight down despite only being able to eat small amounts, I’ve had to rethink my own (bad) attitude to morbidly obese people. I’m the opposite to you being 67 inches tall and only weighing 105 pounds (usually less, but recently had a bit of improvement health wise so starting to gain), and I’ve ended up with a near anorexic attitude about my own weight issues. Willing to put on some weight, but not enough to get to what others would consider healthy for me :(. Society has a lot to answer for in our generation I think – between waif like models, and a dire attitude towards anyone who strays from that “ideal” I think there are few who are actually contented with where they’re at weight wise regardless of how ‘normal’ they actually are!

    I trust you will manage to lose whatever you require to, in order to more fully enjoy your life. God bless TKR:)

  3. Over the past ten years, I’ve survived a weight gain of over 160 lbs, 3 heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, and most recently, Hurricane Katrina. I believe I’m supposed to be here fit and healthy. I now weigh 340 lbs. I take 15 pills a day to stay alive and I’m dealing with chronic pain daily. I’m ready to change this and get a life back. I want to try Atkins. How does one make a weight loss chart to fill in as I go? The weight will kill me. Pray for me, please!

  4. A weight loss chart can be as simple as using MS Excel to fill in your weight (try to weight yourself as the same time each day) and the date.

    Or sites like http://www.skinnyr.com/ will do the work for you (but you need to log in each day and record your weight).

    I am not a doctor, so this isn’t medical advice, but I can tell you I am very uneasy about Atkins. The diet does not appear in any way shape or form conducive to a healthy lifestyle. Talk to a doctor and consider cutting portion sizes, healthy foods, etc.

    This is an excellent place to start


  5. Yes TKR, thanks.

    I am aiming for a healthy weight. I don’t want to be ripped beyond all belief or ultra skinny. My simple goal is simply to be able to jump up and down without seeing my stomach shake like a bowl full of jelly. 🙂

    I will keep your weight in my prayers. I hope you find the right weight for your body type. I know the world wants us men to be muscular buff guys, but I am not buying into that.

  6. RhettWilson says:

    Great stuff here!
    I’ll definitely bookmark this place and come back soon.


  7. Scott says:

    Awesome awesome awesome! I just bookmarked skinnyr to see how this can help me. Weight loss and diets are a struggle for many people including me.

  8. Diet Checker says:

    Diet Checker

    A Great Place For All Your Dieting Needs

  9. Mikaella says:

    Awesome blog. Gave your blog a stumble. Went through all the links that you have provided.

  10. Cool. I’m gonna have to go get one of my own.

  11. Steve says:

    I use the weight charts at MyWeighTracker.com and prefer them over the others that I’ve seen. They use a variation of the Hacker’s Diet formula to calculate how many calories too much or too little you’re eating every day in comparison to how many you need to keep your weight level.

  12. lahgibbs says:

    Who needs a chart when you have the wii fit. No seriously though, thanks for the info.

  13. Hey there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!

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