Day Five…

Posted: February 12, 2007 in Weight loss

Okay, I broke my vow. I couldn’t wait to weigh myself. I gave in and stepped on the scale this morning. Luckily it read 202.1 (I began at a morning reading of 206.2). The tape reflects a small decrease in my waist measurement (1/2 inch), but the most obvious thing is the shrinking third roll that sits awkwardly between my second belly roll and my man breasts. Boy it’s embarrassing to admit that, but the picture is there for all to see, so I can’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

Today will be my first full lower-body workout combined with a low intensity walk with the dogs. However, if you knew my dogs you would know that no walk involving them is ever low intensity.

Fortunately my cold/flu has left and I feel about 90% of my usual healthy self. It remains to be seen if I can push myself tomorrow during cardio, but I will do my best.


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