Day Four

Posted: February 11, 2007 in fitness, Weight loss

Still sick when I woke up, but today I have the added misery of a persistent cough. Two Mucinex D tablets and two tablespoons of Tylenol Sore Throat and Cough later I am feeling mostly better.

Not much time to outline the whole days meal-plan, but it is enough to say there is plenty of protein involved- chicken, salmon, eggs, etc. I got the veggies covered too with lots of spinach and asparagus on the menu. Now if only I could kick this cold! I am beginning to worry if I can go 100% on cardio tomorrow- here’s to hoping the answer is yes.

I am still feeling the effects of my Friday workout. Stinks that when you are sick recovery time for muscles seems to be a crawl. Also could be the whole getting older thing. It’s amazing the difference in recovery time between when you are 18 and when you reach 27.

Look forward to posting tomorrow. Until then, keep pushing toward your goals and dreams.


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