Day Two

Posted: February 9, 2007 in fitness, Weight loss

Well I promised embarrassing pictures so here they are:

Feb. 8 front Feb. 8 back

Wow. Three rolls on front and back, not good. One hefty gut in front, definitely not good. Room is messy, well that is fine. And yes I know about the red stain on those shorts, I made the mistake of painting my daughter’s room wearing them.

Okay, this is disgusting, and I can’t figure out for me how I let it get to this point. Well I guess I can, but the explanation makes me look bad. But I will admit it, I got plain ol’ lazy. I didn’t exercise and ounce of self-control about the food that entered my mouth (I also ate ZERO veggies).

As you can see as a result of all those second and third helpings I have a rather embarrassing spare tire hanging around my front AND back. Well thank goodness I have begun the process of ending my flabby stage of life and entering a healthier era. I call it the summer of John- kinda of like the summer of George* with better results.

Today’s meal plan includes:

Breakfast: Ham and spinach omelet, toast (1), and 2 cups water

Snack: protein shake

Lunch: Turkey, mashed potatoes, w/ carrots and green beans

Snack: Smoothie (Banana-Blueberry)

Dinner: Pita pizza w/ grilled garlic chicken topping.

As sick as I am right now I don’t think I will have a problem sticking with the meal plan. I am more worried I won’t be able to do my upper-body workout. I am going to wait and see how I feel this afternoon. Otherwise, day two, and things are going great- well aside from being sick.

*Seinfeld reference.

  1. Clark says:

    Good luck losing.

  2. adorablay says:

    What diet are you trying? I lost 50 pounds on South Beach… it worked VERY well with me. The food rocks but it’s expensive to buy fresh veggies and meats all the time as well as having to prepare every meal. It works because the food is like having a gourmet meal every time (with the cookbooks they have for sale on the diet). Actually, when I gained the weight it was very unnatural on me, so I can’t be positive the diet works for everyone. Like, are you prone to weight gain or is it in your family? I think it matters when it comes to certain diets. Anyways, good luck with everything! I do however suggest you look into South Beach IF you like eating yummy meals and like to cook. If you hate cooking, it probably won’t be for you. Ohh and as a side note… while I was on South Beach, I lost all the weight without doing much exercise since I am VERY bad with getting myself to commit to that. Not that it’s better to NOT exercise, but I know how hard it can be trying to workout all the time. Blah! Good luck again!

  3. Love the blog adorablay! My wife and I are big time dog lovers. I would love to have a husky someday, those where the kind of puppies in the photo right?

    I looked into South Beach but I can’t say I liked the food choice. That is why I am going with a diet that doesn’t limit carbs or protein, but instead focuses on proper sized portions and healthy foods. Plus low carb diets make me very grumpy. Something that was okay as a single guy, but as a married father it doesn’t work out so well.

    BTW congrats on your weightloss!

  4. adorablay says:

    Thanks so much. Yeah those were Husky puppies. Yeah, it’s definitely not for everyone and it sucks without the carbs.. I have a weakness for breads. Good luck with it though… proportion sizes are a huge deal and a problem in todays society. 🙂

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